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System Integration





For successful translational medical development of bidirectional neural interfaces, one research focus is packaging and interconnection technology focused on biomedical requirements. This includes connectors, electrical interconnects, cables, active electrical and optical components, packages, electrical circuits and telemetry concepts.

Based on electrodes, the quest is for smaller and high-channel interconnects and cables, with a focus on stability in the application and signal integrity. We study interconnections like soldering and welding processes, Microflex contacts and direct metal depositions. Specialized high-flex cables and connectors are of our special interest, posing one of the field´s major challenges. Towards a fully implantable system, we investigate packaging concepts like classical titanium packages, ceramic housings with integrated feedthroughs, and conformal encapsulations (chip-in-foil systems). Finally, we also deal with wireless transmission of signals inside and outside the body. All our developments aim towards modular systems to reach the target specifications of different applications with the lowest number of different modules.


  • Assembly technologies: soldering, welding (laser), wire bonding
  • Circuit board technology: PCB prototyping, reflow oven, ceramic boards - screen printing, sintering, evaporation, laser ablation
  • Hermetic packaging: Helium backfilling / bombing, He-Leakage testing
  • Non-hermetic packaging: vacuum molding, silicone casting (milling machine)
  • Conformal packaging: thinning of Si chips
  • Chip in foil systems: transfer and assembly technologies
  • Cable winding for ultra-flexible helical cables
  • Electronic testing: oscilloscope, voltages supplies, electronic lab
  • Long-term tests: bending tests, accelerated aging

Current Projects

  • Module based  µASIC networks with conformal encapsulation
  • Capacitive telemetric coupling
  • Printable ceramic housings
  • Ceramic housings and interconnection technologies
  • Optrodes: LEDs and Diodes in polyimide foil
  • Optrodes: miniaturized glass packages for laser diodes
  • Miniaturized feedthrough technology


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Stieglitz
E-Mail: stieglitz@imtek.uni-freiburg.de
Telephone: +49 (0)761 203 7471
Laboratory for Biomedical Microtechnology
Department of Microsystems Engineering
University of Freiburg - IMTEK
IMBIT - NeuroProbes
Georges-Köhler-Allee 201
Room: 01.008
79110 Freiburg


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