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Open Positions at the Laboratory for Optical Systems

PhD Positions

Laser active micro-optical frequency converters

We are excited to announce a PhD position focused on the rapidly developing field of optical microresonators.

This is what it is about
Optical microresonators store laser light via total internal reflection for hundreds of nanoseconds. Simultaneously, the power of the laser light increases by several orders of magnitude. This paves the way for ultra-compact and efficient frequency converters and
sensors. In this PhD project, we want to explore laser active microresonators with storage times in the millisecond range. Thus, we enter a completely new range here and aim for converting the frequency of near infrared laser light by 10 THz with 100 % internal efficiency. Such a source
could revolutionize applications such as distance measurement or 3D shape recognition.Moreover, these resonators might lead to a breakthrough in the field of sensor technology, since here the storage time limits the detection limit.

Your future with us
Together with you, we want to advance this area of photonics. Join us in working on an explorative project and collaborate with a team well known for bringing novel concept out of the lab into industrial applications.
As the successful candidate you have a strong background in physics, photonics, microsystems engineering, or a related field, and hold a master's degree in a relevant discipline. Excellent communication skills and the ability to work both independently and in a team are also part of your qualifications..

See here for further information on the PhD position and how to apply.


Miniaturized electro-optically tunable lasers for distance measurement

Due to the sensor requirements for autonomous driving, a LiDAR boom has set in. Here LiDAR is the acronym for “Light detection and ranging”, i.e. laser radar. It turns out that here precise and fast modulation of the laser frequency is the most suitable approach. However, realization of a suitable laser light source is challenging. The goal of the PhD project is to explore a new solution to address this demand.

A chip-integrated laser shall be realized and investigated with unique capabilities to tune the emission frequency highly linear and fast, spanning a wide spectral range. To accomplish this, one can make full use of an integrated photonics platform based on lithium niobate crystals, that has been build up in the past years.

We are looking for a candidate with an above-average Master's degree in physics, photonics, microsystems technology or similar with interest in a challenging research topic and the ability to work independently in an interdisciplinary team. For this project good linguistic proficiencies in German are required.

See here for further information on the PhD position and how to apply.


Master Theses

We regularly offer topics for Bachelor and Master theses. Even if no explicit thesis is announce here, it is still worth visiting us. We are sure to find an exciting project for interested students with some experience in the field of optics.


2 projects on "Miniaturized light sources for digital holography"

In these two projects, we combine two amazing research fields: laser development and holography.

Find more information here


Internships / Student Assistants (HiWi)

Our current research projects constantly offer exciting tasks that are ideally suited to getting to know the Optical Systems group in more detail. During your time with us you will be able to work on your own small projects – always in close exchange with experienced staff of the chair. In doing so, you will not only expand your knowledge but also acquire the practical skills you need to work successfully  in an optical laboratory. If you are interested, just visit us or send us an eMail.




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