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Open positions

Postdoc- and PhD Positions

Postdoctoral researcher position : Adaptive optics for 2-photon microscopy without any moving stages


Thesis (Master or Bachelor) and Student Research Asistantships

Hiwi / Master´s Thesis - Real-time feedback control of a piezo-driven tunable-focus liquid lens through charge sensing


Theses and student research assistant positions are not usually announced explicitly, but are often available or may be individually tailored for especially talented students. Please check our research activities and contact the responsible graduate student or postdoc, or Professor Wallrabe. For e-mail applications, please include a brief CV and an academic transcript.


Externally funded applicants

Furthermore, applicants who have external funding sources (DAAD, Marie Curie, Humboldt Fellowships, ...) or are searching for a host to apply for such scholarships are always welcome. Please contact Professor Wallrabe directly.


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