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Thermoelectric energy conversion

Thermoelectrics – Seebeck -effect – Thermophysical properties – Polycrystalline silicon – V-VI -semiconductors


Temperature gradients can be converted into electrical energy using the thermoelectric effect, also known as the Seebeck effect or thermopower. For this purpose, we investigate thermophysical properties of established conducting materials used in the semiconductur industry such as doped polycristalline silicon. Furthermore, we study the properties of thin films made of V-VI semiconductors for thermoelectric applications.  The thermophysical properties of the materials are characterized using robust membrane test structures. To support this experimental approach, finite element modeling of the temperature distribution in thin membranes is applied to facilitate the accurate extraction of the material parameters.



Fields of application

  • Thermoelectric power supply of microsystems

  • Thermal microdevices based on thermoelectric effects


  • Dipl.-Ing. Dominik Moser, Ph.D. student



Selected publications

  • O. Paul, P. Ruther, L. Plattner, H. Baltes
    A Thermal von der Pauw Test Structure
    2000 Ieee T Semiconduct M, volume: 13, issue: 2, pages: 159 - 166

  • D. Moser, A. Steffen and O. Paul
    Microstructure for the determination of the Seebeck coefficients of doped polysilicon thin films
    2011 9th European Conference on Thermoelectrics, Thessaloniki/Greece

  • D. Moser, D. Ilkaya, D. Kopp and O. Paul
    Determination of the Thermoelectric Figure of Merit of Doped Polysilicon Thin Films by Micromachined Test Structures
    Proc. IEEE Sensors Conf, in press


  • Cryostat setup (80-380K)

  • Thermal evaporation setup


Dominik Moser

Email: moserd@imtek.de

Tel.:+49 (0) 761 203-7196

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