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Magnetic field microsensors

Magnetic field sensor system Hall sensor Hall plate – angular sensor resonant sensor galvanomagnetic effects capacitive sensor


We feel perfectly at home in the area of magnetic field sensing using silicon components. We follow two approaches: the first uses galvano magnetic transport effects in semiconductors, while the second approach relies on new resonant structures with high sensitivity. Both vertical and horizontal magnetic field components are measured by Hall effect based sensors. The related research is dominated by questions concerning offset compensation, sensitivity optimization, the Piezo-Hall- effect, thermal and mechanical cross sensitivity minimization as well as system integration. Commercial CMOS processes serve as the technological basis for these devices and systems. In contrast, for our resonant, capacitively actuated and read out sensors, we use magneto-mechanical effects using amorphous metal foils on micro-structured silicon/glass substrates. IMTEK‘s cleanroom makes it possible to address the corresponding technological challenges. In addition, we study fundamental issues concerning the connection between sensor geometry, material properties and operating conditions on the one hand and sensor properties including sensitivity, offset, and non-linearity on the other.

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Fields of application

  • Automotive sector

  • Customer electronics

  • Control and automation

  • White goods


  • Dipl.-Phys Philipp Simon, Ph.D. student

  • M.Sc. Christian Sander, Ph.D. student

  • B.Sc. Taimur Aftab, M.Sc. thesis student 




  • 3D-CMOS-Hallsensorik

  • Cornils/Paul, Grako

Selected publications

  • Paul O., Raz R., Kaufmann T.
    Analysis of the offset of semsiconductor vertical hall devices
    2011 Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical, volume: 174, pages: 24-32

  • Kaufmann T., Kopp D., Purkl F., Baumann M., Ruther P, Paul O.
    Piezoresistive Response of Vertical Hall Devices
    2011 Ieee Sens J, volume: 11, issue: 11, pages: 2628 - 2635

  • T. Kaufmann, F. Purkl, P. Ruther, O. Paul
    Novel Coupling Concept for Five-Contact Vertical Hall Devices
    2011 Transducers'11, Beijing, China , pages: 2855 - 2858

  • O. Paul, M. Cornils
    Explicit connection between sample geometry and Hall response
    2009 Appl Phys Lett, volume: 95,pages: 1-3

  • M. Cornils, O. Paul
    Reverse-magnetic-field reciprocity in conductive samples with extended contacts
    2008 J Appl Phys, volume: 104, issue: 0245, pages: 1 - 7

  • S. Brugger, O. Paul
    Resonant Magnetic Microsensor with µT Resolution
    2008 IEEE International Conference on MEMS 2008, Tucson, Arizona, USA , pages: 944 - 947

  • S. Brugger, O. Paul
    Geometric Optimization and Microstructuring of Magnetic Concentrators for a Resonant Magnetic Sensor
    2007 Transducers & Eurosensors'07, Lyon, France , pages: 2377 - 2380


  • Helmholtz coil

  • Electromagnet (Bruker)

  • Climate chamberSemiautomatic prober

  • MSA-400 Microsystem Analyzer (Polytec)


Micronas GmbH, Freiburg.


Christian Sander

Email: christian.sander@imtek.de

Tel.: +49 (0) 761 203-7193

Philipp Simon

Email: Philipp.Simon@imtek.de

Tel.: +49 (0) 761 203-7194

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