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Polymer-based photonic crystals with tunable bandgap


There has been great interest in investigating the unique optical properties of three-dimensional photonic crystals (PCs), which consist of periodic dielectric structures. In these synthetic crystals, the periodic dielectric structure produces a photonic band gap, similar to the crystal potential of a semiconductor produces an electronic band gap. The unique optical properties of these PCs can be used to design a wide range of optical devices such as filters, waveguides, cavity resonators and chemical and biological sensors. Tunability would expand the spectrum of applications in photonics significantly. Goal: * Fabrication and optical characterization of polymer-based 3D photonic crystals based * Tuning of the photonic band gap by changing the lattice constant Approach: * Laser interference lithography * Swelling of crosslinked polymers


01.01.2008 bis 31.12.2010


Prof. Dr. Hans Zappe


Yaxiu Sun
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