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AlkaCell - New materials and structures for the alkaline fuel cell


Project description

Fuel cells are a key technology for emission-free mobility. High costs, most important of the platinum catalyst and membrane polymer, are the biggest obstacle to market penetration. In "AlkaCell" an alkaline fuel cell is to be developed, which can dispense with these cost drivers. The main challenges of the alkaline fuel cell are addressed by a consortium of catalyst experts and fuel cell developers. This includes, above all, the development of new catalyst layers and membrane-electrode assemblies. The goal is to significantly increase performance and lifetime and, in addition to hydrogen, to investigate the hybrid use of alcohol as a fuel.

Start/End of project

01.01.2019 until 31.12.2021

Project manager

Dr. Severin Vierrath (Prof. Dr. Roland Zengerle)

Contact person

Dr. Severin Vierrath
Phone:+49 761 203-54060


Prof. Dr. Anna Fischer, Fakultät für Chemie, Universität Freiburg




Brennstoffzelle, Anionentauschermembran, AEMFC, Direkt-Alkohol-Brennstoffzelle, fuel cell, direct-alcohol-fuel cell, anion exchange membrane
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