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Custom made neural probe arrays

Project description

We realize custom made neural probe arrays for basic research in the field of neuroscience. The underlying fabrication and assembly processes have been developed in the framework of the EU-funded Integrated Project NeuroProbes (Project-No. IST-027017) aiming at multifunctional probes. The Si based neural probes comprise slender probe shafts with a minimal thickness of 50 µm and shaft lengths up to 40 mm. They carry up to 32 planar gold, platinum or iridiumoxide electrodes per probe shaft. The probes are assembled to highly flexible polyimide ribbon cables and interface the external instrumentation using application specific interface boards. We provide further dedicated instruments, i.e. vacuum holders, for stereotaxic frames used to insert and retract probes from neural tissue. Our development team offers: • Concept, layout, and fabrication of application specific probe arrays • Assembly of probe arrays to highly flexible ribbon cables • Concept, layout, and assembly of electrode interface boards • Electrochemical characterization of probe arrays using impedance spectroscopy • Design and realization of vacuum holders for probe insertion and retraction

Start/End of project

30.06.2010 until 31.12.2012

Project manager

Dr. Patrick Ruther

Contact person

Dr. Patrick Ruther


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