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Project description

The EU-funded project EUJO-LIMMS aims the opening of the LIMMS lab maintained by the French CNRS at the Institute of Industrial Science (IIS) of the University of Tokyo to European partners in general. Within this project environment, IMTEK will concentrate on two technical challenges concerning the improvement of micro structures for life sciences in collaboration with the groups of Prof. S. Takeuchi and Prof. T. Fujii at the IIS and the LIMMS. The first project deals with the development of flexible neuronal probes, which can be introduced as rigid structures in the cortical cerebral tissue, after which they lose their rigidity in order to execute their function as electrode array for recording neuronal signals with minimal invasivity. The second project targets the enhancements of miniaturized structures to measure intra-cellular potentials of cell cultures adherently grown on the structures. Both projects will be advanced by IMTEK staff using the infrastructure of the LIMMS.

Start/End of project

01.12.2011 until 30.11.2015

Project manager

Prof. Dr. Oliver Paul

Contact person

Prof. Dr. Oliver Paul
Phone:+49 761 203 7191


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