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Development of multifunctional microprobe arrays for cerebral applications – NeuroProbes

Project description

We develop and realize in the framework of the EC-funded project NeuroProbes (6th framework, project ID 027017) multifunctional neural probes enabling the electrophysiological recording of neural activity and its electrical stimulation as well as the chemical intervention using microfluidic channels integrated in the probes. The neural probes to be developed comprise among others electrodes which are controlled via a CMOS-based integrated electronic implemented in the probe shafts. The so-called electronic depth control (EDC) probes enable for the first time to define the recording position inside the neuronal tissue without any mechanical probe translation.

Start/End of project

01.01.2006 until 30.06.2010

Project manager

Prof. Dr. Oliver Paul

Contact person

Prof. Dr. Oliver Paul
Phone:+49 761 203 7191

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