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Project description

In the framework of the research project Phytochromes, which is part of the DFG-funded Priority Programm SPP1926 “Next generation optogenetics” (www.spp1926.org/), multifunctional probes are developed targeting basic optogenetic research. The probes are comprised of micro-electrode arrays integrated on slender silicon-based probe shafts carrying as well micro-fluidic channels and polymeric waveguides. They are used to experimentally validate novel plant phytochromes based opsins developed by Prof. Andreas Möglich (University of Bayreuth) and Matias Zurbriggen (University of Düsseldorf). The optophysiological experiments for in vivo opsin validation are performed in cooperation with prof. Ilka Diester (University of Freiburg). Further details can be found under: http://spp1926.org/projects/iii-diestermoeglichrutherzurbriggen/

Start/End of project

01.07.2016 until 30.06.2019

Project manager

Dr. Patrick Ruther

Contact person

Dr. Patrick Ruther
Phone:+49 761 203-7197


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