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Smart Energy Autonomous Wireless Transceiver for Implantable Neural Interfaces (SEAM WiT)

Project description

The SEAM-WiT project addresses the challenge of designing an efficient versatile telemetry system for providing a bidirectional wireless data- and power link between an external unit and a biomedical implant. The main goals of the overall system are to guarantee the patient’s comfort with a small system volume, a low specific absorption rate (SAR) for avoiding tissue damaging and a high power transfer efficiency for increasing system lifetime. The system architecture includes an external unit (primary side), which can serve as a handheld device, useable by a physician. In addition, the system comprises a unit that is intended to be connected to a biomedical implant (secondary side). This enables to power biomedical implants wirelessly and to accomplish wireless electrophysiological readout, avoiding transcutaneous wired connections. Further details are provide here: https://www.brainlinks-braintools.uni-freiburg.de/de/forschung/projekte/seam-wit/

Start/End of project

01.03.2014 until 31.12.2018

Project manager

Prof. Dr. Oliver Paul

Contact person

Prof. Dr. Oliver Paul
Phone:+49 761 203-7191


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