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Neuronal Tracing by Electrochemically Controlled Identification of Tragets (NeuroTraceIt)

Project description

Most neuroscientific probes have to be explanted before a histological analysis can be made. This is problematic in case that electrophysiological information has to be correlated to histological findings. In retrospect, it is most often impossible to reconstruct exactly which group of neurons were monitored or stimulated. In NeuroTraceIt we develop a concept to equip electrodes with a defined staining functionality. This is achieved by PEDOT electrodes that can be loaded with a fluorescent dye. The dye can be released on demand, thus generating a fluorescent footprint in the neuronal tissue, at the study end point. This will strengthen the possibilities to study neurological diseases by combined electrophysiology and histology evaluation, and will furthermore shed light on the interaction between electrical stimulation and tissue response. Further, by integrating implantable pH sensors on silicon-based probe arrays we will continuously monitor metabolic reactions surrounding the electrode. It will be combined with the staining electrode technology to improve histology. The interplay between stimulation, local pH changes and adverse tissue reactions will thereby be analyzed. Project partners in NeuroTraceIt are Dr. Maria Aslund (PEDOT and pH sensor technology), Prof. Ulrich Egert (electrophysiology) and Dr. Patrick Ruther (silicon probe technology).

Start/End of project

01.03.2014 until 31.12.2018

Project manager

Dr. Patrick Ruther

Contact person

Dr. Patrick Ruther
Phone:+49 761 203-7197


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