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Implantable module-based microchip networks

Project description

The project NeuroBus deals with the realization of an implantable network of miniaturized microchips (µASICs) as neuronal interface. Various µASICs with different functions are designed as self-sufficient modules that can be freely combined in variable combinations. The individual modules are hermetically encapsulated and assembled on polyimide to form application-specific networks. The aim of the project is to study the material science and electronic fundamentals to achieve increased biostability and biocompatibility of the novel implant concept. A significant miniaturization of the ASICs, the volume reduction of the applied hermetic encapsulation and the embedding in a highly flexible polymer substrate lead us to expect a higher biological tolerability. The absence of DC voltage, the adapted adhesion promoters between the different components and the direct encapsulation of the ASICs with a thin metal film are further key aspects of the study in order to maintain an unequalled long-term stability. The conducted research work will find methods to create modular and scalable implants that can be personalized and which form the basis for a large number of other modules and thus applications in biomedical applications.

Start/End of project

01.10.2018 until 30.09.2021

Project manager

Eickenscheidt M


Ortmanns M


Modular, Hermetic, Network, Brain-Computer-Interface, flexible
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