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Electronic Service Center

The ESC provides services for the development and manufacture of electrical circuits in the area of printed circuit technology.


  • Assistance with electrical components and assemblies, electrical measuring procedures, systems integration
  • Developing of circuits, such as analog and digital circuits, microprocessors
  • Software development in assembler and C for Microchip PICxxx (other families on request)
  • Layouting for printed circuits, multilayer, SMD, fine line technology
  • Development of plated through circuit boards in Building Services (double-sided), alternatively external circuit board service
  • Equipping and starting up printed circuit boards
  • Comprehensive written documentation
  • Repair of devices and assemblies
  • Safety check of “mobile electrical devices” according to VDE


Members of staff

Please contact us via our email address esc@imtek.uni-freiburg.de


  • Small orders taking up to one hour are free of charge (only for IMTEK orders)
  • Hourly rate €10
  • Material costs are based on work required


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