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Lars Pastewka

Pastewka, Prof. Dr. Lars

Phone number: 67480
Office: 103-03-014

Consultation hours

During the semester: Nach Vereinbarung
During the semester break: Nach Vereinbarung


Stefanie Beysel

Beysel, Stefanie

Phone number: 67723
Office: 103-03-017

Group leaders

Andreas Greiner

Greiner, Dr. Andreas

Phone number: 67479
Office: 103-03-035

Consultation hours

During the semester: on appointment
During the semester break: on appointment


Lucas Frérot

Frérot, Dr. Lucas

Roettger, Dr. Michael

PhD students

Ghanem, M.Sc. Ibrahim

Grießer, M.Sc. Jan

Holey, M.Sc. Hannes

Johannes Hörmann

Hörmann, M.Sc. Johannes

Phone number: 67478
Office: 103-03-029

Jödicke, M.Sc. Indre

Phone number: 97784
Office: 103-03-020

Le, M.Sc. Thi Hoa

Richard Leute

Leute, M.Sc. Richard

Phone number: 67726
Office: 103-03-020

Mees, M.Sc. Jan

Mohammed Hassan, Tarek

Antoine Sanner

Sanner, M.Sc. Antoine


Sascha Frank

Frank, Sascha

Office: 103-03-027

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