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    • Wülfing Jan M, Kumar Sreedhar S, Boedecker Joschka, Riedmiller Martin, Egert Ulrich
      Adaptive Long-term Control of Biological Neural Networks with Deep Reinforcement Learning
      2019 Neurocomputing, volume: 342, pages: 66 - 74
    • Heining K, Kilias A, Janz, P, Häussler, U, Kumar, A, Haas, C A, Egert, U
      Bursts with high and low load of epileptiform spikes show context-dependent correlations in epileptic mice
      2019 eNeuro, volume: 6, page: /ENEURO.02

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    • Okujeni Samora, Egert Ulrich
      Inhomogeneities in network structure and excitability govern initiation and propagation of spontaneous burst activity
      2019 Frontiers in Neuroscience, volume: 13, page: 543
    • Okujeni S, Egert U
      Self-organization of modular network architecture by activity-dependent neuronal migration and outgrowth
      2019 Elife, volume: 8, page: e47996


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    • Kumar S S, Wülfing J, Boedecker J, Wimmer R, Riedmiller R, Becker B, Egert U
      Autonomous control of network activity
      Proc of the 9th Int’l Meeting on Substrate-Integrated Microelectrode Arrays (MEA), 2014
    • Kilias A, Froriep U P, Haeussler U, Kumar A, Haas C A, Egert U
      Phase coupling of neuronal firing to hippocampal network rhythms is preserved under epileptic conditions
      Epilepsia, volume: 55, pages: 41 - 42, 2014
    • Asplund M, Boehler C, Heizmann S, Egert U, Hoffmann U, Stieglitz T
      Polymer electrodes for drug release during stimulation
      2014 Biomed Eng-biomed Te, volume: 59, pages: S1076 - S1076


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    • Froriep UP, Kumar A, Cosandier-Rimélé D, Häussler U, Kilias A, Haas C, Egert U
      Altered theta coupling between medial entorhinal cortex and dentate gyrus in temporal lobe epilepsy
      2012 Epilepsia, volume: 53, issue: 11, pages: 1937 - 1947
    • Levine-Small N, Guebeli R J, Goddard M, Yang A, Chuong A S, Chow B, Boyden E S, Weber W, Egert U
      Astrocytes drive neural network synchrony
      2012 MEA Meeting 2012, pages: 30 - 30


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    • Frey U, Egert U, Jackel D, Sedivy J, Ballini M, Livi P, Faraci F, Heer F, Hafizovic S, Roscic B, Hierlemann A
      Depth recording capabilities of planar high-density microelectrode arrays
      2009 Proc of the 4th International IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering, pages: 207 - 210
    • Frey U, Egert U, Heer F, Hafizovic S, Hierlemann A
      Microelectronic system for high-resolution mapping of extracellular electric fields applied to brain slices.
      2009 Biosens Bioelectron, volume: 24, issue: 7, pages: 2191 - 2198
    • Gürel T, Rotter S, Egert U
      Reservoir computing methods for functional identification of biological networks
      18th Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting CNS 2009, 2009
    • Frey U, Egert U, Heer F, Hafizovic S, Hierlemann A
      Subcellular-resolution recording of electrical activity using a CMOS microelectrode system
      2009 Proc of the 15th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators & Microsystems, Transducers, pages: 1674 - 1677


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    • Meier R, Egert U, Aertsen A, Nawrot MP
      FIND-a unified framework for neural data analysis.
      2008 Neural Networks, volume: 21, issue: 8, pages: 1085 - 1093
    • Okujeni S, Kandler S, Egert U
      Homeostatic regulation of activity in cortical networks
      BIOPRO Baden-W�rttemberg GmbH, pages: 74 - 75, 2008


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    • Egert U, Banach K, Meyer T
      Analysis of cardiac myocyte activity dynamics with microelectrode arrays
      In: Advances in network electrophysiology using multi electrode arrays
      2006, Springer Vlg., Taketani,M.; Baudry,M., pages: 274 - 290, Taketani,M.; Baudry,M., ISBN: 0387258574
    • Kandler S, Egert U
      Functional classification of neuroleptics based on population response profiles
      2006 BIOPRO Baden-W�rttemberg GmbH, pages: 126 - 127
    • Egert U
      Networks on chips - Monitoring the spatial and temporal dynamics of electrical activity in functional networks in brain slices and cardiac tissue
      In: BioMEMS
      2006, Springer Vlg., Urban G, pages: 309 - 350, Urban G, ISBN: 0-387-28731-0


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    • Egert U, Meyer T
      Heart on a chip - Extracellular multielectrode recordings from cardiac myocytes in vitro
      In: Practical Methods in Cardiovascular Research
      2005, Springer Vlg., Dhein,S.; Mohr,F.-W.; Delmar,M., pages: 432 - 453, Dhein,S.; Mohr,F.-W.; Delmar,M., ISBN: 3540407634
    • Stett A, Rudorf R, Egert U, Boven K-H, Gottschlich N, Nisch W
      Perforated polyimide microelectrode arrays for single-cell and tissue recording
      2005 VDE Verlag, pages: 427 - 430


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    • Hescheler J, Halbach M, Egert U, Lu ZJ, Bohlen H, Fleischmann BK, Reppel M
      Determination of electrical properties of ES cell-derived cardiomyocytes using MEAs.
      2004 J Electrocardiol, volume: 37, supplement: 1, pages: 110 - 116


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    • Egert U, Hämmerle H
      Application of the microelectrode-array (MEA) technology in pharmaceutical drug research
      In: Sensoren im Fokus neuer Anwendungen
      2002, w.e.b. Universitätsverlag, Baselt,J.P.; Gerlach,G., pages: 51 - 54, Baselt,J.P.; Gerlach,G.,
    • Egert U, Knott T, Schwarz C, Nawrot M, Brandt A, Rotter S, Diesmann M
      MEA-Tools: an open source toolbox for the analysis of multi-electrode data with MATLAB.
      2002 J Neurosci Meth, volume: 117, issue: 1, pages: 33 - 42
    • Egert U, Heck D, Aertsen A
      Two-dimensional monitoring of spiking networks in acute brain slices.
      2002 Exp Brain Res, volume: 142, issue: 2, pages: 268 - 274


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    • Egert U, Schlosshauer B, Fennrich S, Nisch W, Fejtl M, Knott T, Muller T, Hammerle H
      A novel organotypic long-term culture of the rat hippocampus on substrate-integrated multielectrode arrays.
      1998 Brain Res Protoc, volume: 2, issue: 4, pages: 229 - 242


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    • Janders M, Egert U, Stelzle M, Nisch W
      Novel thin film titanium nitride micro-electrodes with excellent charge transfer capability for cell stimulation and sensing applications.
      1996 , pages: 48 - 49


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    • Egert U, Knott Th, Mohr A, Nisch W, H�mmerle H
      An in vitro model system for studies of horizontal interaction in excised retina segments with a multielectrode-array
      Thieme, Elsner N, Menzel R, page: 449, 1995


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    • Nisch W, Bock J, Egert U, Hammerle H, Mohr A
      A thin film microelectrode array for monitoring extracellular neuronal activity in vitro.
      1994 Biosensors and Bioelectronics, volume: 9, issue: 9-10, pages: 737 - 741
    • Hämmerle H, Egert U, Mohr A, Nisch W
      Extracellular recording in neuronal networks with substrate integrated microelectrode arrays.
      1994 Biosens Bioelectron, volume: 9, issue: 9-10, pages: 691 - 696


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    • Schlosshauer B, Stier H, Egert U
      Graded distribution of the neural 2A10 antigen in the developing chicken retina.
      1993 Dev Brain Res, volume: 76, issue: 1, pages: 13 - 22


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    • Rauschecker JP, Tian B, Korte M, Egert U
      Crossmodal changes in the somatosensory vibrissa/barrel system of visually deprived animals.
      1992 P Natl Acad Sci Usa, volume: 89, issue: 11, pages: 5063 - 5067


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    • Rauschecker JP, Egert U, Kossel A
      Effects of NMDA antagonists on developmental plasticity in kitten visual cortex.
      1990 Int J Dev Neurosci, volume: 8, issue: 4, pages: 425 - 435
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